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Liposuction belly, abdomen, hips

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Erstellt am 15.05.2016 · Update 2.06.2016

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Liposuction belly, abdomen, hips


My surgery was made by Dr. Von Wild. He became my hero ! I was obviously looking forward, as it was my own decision, but was totally terrified either ! Then I met my angel ! Tobias Von Wild is a professional, a master, very skilled. And much funny and sweet either ! You will feel in best hands and, believe me, you ARE in best hands ! As I woke up from my anesthesia I knew it was worth it: I could see part of the result immediately. Now, approx 5 weeks later only, I would dare to compete for Miss Universe ! :-) Even though I still feel quite....“strange“ with my still existing edemas, bruising and tissues swelling, Tobias made it possible: I feel younger, stronger, sure of myself, in love again with my body and with my life. A real rebirth ! This guy stands up in the morning and makes his „routine“ work, as anyone of us: I suppose that's what he thinks, after so many years of experience. True is however, that he makes wonders every day and gives happiness back to the people.Somebody should remind it to him ! I can not thank him enough for what he did. Each person reacts differently and makes his own experience, so I wouldn't go in details about my surgery. Everything was just fine with me. Before you go for this surgery, remember you will need a lot of patience. The body requires time to recover. Don't expect to show your brand new bikini on a Mexican beach within two weeks after your surgery ! But the results will be definitely much more than appreciable. I strongly recommend it. I can just suggest you all, if you are thinking about a liposuction, to contact this Clinic and Dr. Von Wild. The whole team is fantastic: you will feel at home ! Liebe Grüße aus Italien !

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· 2.06.2016


thank you very much for your review, it includes a lot of interesting information.

How do you feel these days? Have the bruising and swelling spots disappeard or do you still need some time for recovery?
Enjoy your new body in the upcoming summer-time :)

Kind regards

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