Very satisfied with breast augmentation with breast lift


I am very satisfied with the result and the whole experience. The stay at the clinic was very pleasant and the staff was very friendly. Doctor Jo is a great person, she took her time to really understand what I wanted and the result was great.
I would definitely recommend her.

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Thanks for sharing your experience! Can you briefly describe what implants have been used - how many ml or cc? What bra cup size do you have after the surgery?


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Dr. med. Jozefina Skulavik

Hello, here is Dr. Jo Skulavik, I am writing an additional information/comment
only to clerify this patient´s situation - her case!
This patient did NOT have a breast augmentation at all.
She had a breast augmentation 30 years ago in U.S.A. (smooth round implants), to me she came with a horrible clinical status of extreme breasts deformation, ptosis, and asymmetry with extreme capsular contracture. I removed her old implants together with a heavy capsular contracture and did complete breasts correction and pexy. She had minimum of her good breasts tissue left, but we decided for no further implantation (several serious reasons leaded to my final decision)
Just few pictures to have a look how difficult her case was...
Kind regards, dr. jo

Antwort an Dr. med. Jozefina Skulavik

Thank you very much for the clarification, Dr. Jo! You made a great job, the result looks great!!! Congrats to both ladies ...


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