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Natural result of abdominoplasty with liposuction

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Natural result of abdominoplasty with liposuction
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I will start with the conclusion: Handschin has comfortably exceeded my expectations. After my second pregnancy, the pressure of my fast-paced metamorphosis into a dinosaur became too much to bear, and I decided to bring it to a halt. I researched the abdominoplasty procedure and located a couple of plastic surgeons, but the discussions left me in doubt as to whether going under the knife was a worthwhile thing to do, especially that neither of them was prepared to do everything I had wanted done. Then, a friend of mine recommended Dr. Handschin whom she said had done an impeccable job on her bust. So I went to see him and, well, if you want to hear anything negative, you have to ask for it. Actually, you have to beg for it. But then he volunteered exactly the package and technique I wanted, without me having to ask, and reassuringly described precisely what he does and how he does it, so I decided on this occasion conveniently to take his unadulterated positivity as a sign of confidence and experience, rather than as something to worry about- a decision I did not regret. By the end of the meeting, the choice was clear. I was able to get a date for my surgery in the exact week I wanted, which was great because my own availability is limited. On the day of the surgery, everybody was really, really nice and empathic, including the nurses. This was very important for me because I was feeling nervous and inexplicably guilty. Everything went well, and after a few days of waiting in hospital for my mobility to make a partial return, I met the new tummy and just could not believe my eyes! It’s not just that I was not expecting it to look so beautiful; I had not seen any photos that looked so good, neither online, nor at the clinics of the surgeons I had visited. The skin is smooth and taut, ‘like marble’, as we say back home, my waist was back, the love handles gone at last, and let’s not forget the pièce de résistance- the navel- simply incredibly natural (and cute). I am so glad I did this. Obviously I look much better, but more importantly I feel an awful lot better, from a health point of view as well. Closing the massive gap in my abdominal muscles which my pregnancies left me with has made a huge difference to my posture. It is a wonderful thing to feel like a girl again. I had completely forgotten the existence of that feeling, so when it returned unexpectedly, I was pleasantly surprised. I am hoping this was a one-off adventure with cosmetic surgery, but if my mid-life crisis does not subside soon, I am fortunate to have found THE surgeon to use.


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