Liposuktion by a really competent and professional Doctor!!!!


In the vrey first meeting with Dr Jozefina, i realised that she is very competent and professional Doctor. She gave me ample time and she answered all my questions. Apart from that she explained the procedure step by step and also before and after care and we agreed on a date for operation. The operation went very well. The whole staff was super friendly and i was under good care during my stay in hospital. Next day she explained everything in detail again just to be sure that i have understood . I am very happy with my reuslts and my skin is smooth and tight and i highly recommend Dr Jozefina because she take good care of your body and listen to your needs properly and will not disappoint you.

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Hallo Sanaali!
Gratulations to your decision - the photos are great! :-)
How was it after the procedure? Did you have to wear any special underwear? How long does it take to be fully able to work and do all your business?

Thank you very much and wish you all the best!


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Ich war mit Dr. Skulavikova sehr zufrieden. Ich wurde sehr gut beraten, bevor ich die OP machen lies. Eigentlich wollte ich eine Bauchstraffung, sind aber zum Entschluss gekommen, dass ein Fettabsaugung vernünftiger ist,... Mehr 

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